Heritage Village

November 1 to April 30
No tours of the Village due to winterizing of buildings and artifacts.

Welcome to Heritage Village with a collection of over 20 heritage buildings from the early 1800’s up to the 1930’s. Each building is displayed with authentic furniture, artifacts and historical items of the day. Come and see what is possibly the first house in Kingsville to receive electricity, and visit the 1840 Olinda General Store and see what it had to offer its customers more than 150 years ago.

Walk into the Woodslee Jail from 1895, and see life as it would have been lived in this area from inside a real log cabin. Take a stroll over to the Jack Miner home that the legendary Jack built for he and his wife back in 1889. Jack said, “the smaller the house, the larger the home”, what do you think?

And education? You will take a step back in time when you walk into the 1907 Gosfield South Section No. 1 Edwardian One Room Schoolhouse complete; a time when teachers were much stricter and rules were most certainly followed.

Thinking of an old fashioned hair cut or perhaps a simple bleeding? Are your shoes in need of repair? Check out the artifacts in the 1930 Barber & Cobbler Shop and see how things were done back in the pioneer days. Maybe you are in need of a really good prayer? Why not pause for a moment or two in the Bethel United Church built just down the Arner Townline in the lost town of Elford back in 1885.

See a slideshow of the Heritage Village here!