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Donate An Artifact

Have you ever wanted to Donate an artifact, consider the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.

Our donation process begins by filling out this attached form first then the Curator will follow up after the form get filled and notify you of the next steps if the museum chooses to accept your request.

Please do not bring in any object to the museum before consulting with the Curator and before the form gets filled.

Please note we do have a current list of artifacts that we are no longer taken in. Which is attached below.

  • Anything that is newer than 1907 for the village
  • Sewing machines
  • Lanterns
  • Lamps
  • Looms
  • Spinning wheels
  • Typewriters
  • Cash registers
  • Pianos
  • Luggage
  • Corn huskers
  • Agricultural sickles
  • Scythes
  • Refrigerators
  • Pot-bellied stoves
  • Conventional stoves
  • Washing machines
  • Iceboxes
  • Large appliances
  • School books
  • Photographs
  • Ink pen
  • Car manuals (they may be accepted for use in the garage for the flea market sale only they can not be displayed)
  • Meat grinders
  • Washboards
  • Barbershop/beauty salon items newer than 1930
  • Dishes/pots/pans/cutlery
  • Beds – including rope beds
  • Baby buggies/strollers
  • Large furniture
  • Items not representative of the times periods (one-of-a-kind)
  • Large furniture—tables, cabinets
  • Chairs—including those for the barber shop
  • Music rolls
  • Planes
  • Model cars
  • Tractors
  • Bells
  • No wagons
  • Oil can   

If you are unsure, fill out the form and the curator will get back to you.

    *Transfer of Title and Copyright Agreement:
    I, the undersigned, am the sole and rightful owner of the items ("donated items") described below and have the full right to transfer ownership of the same. I hereby irrevocably and unconditionally give and transfer to the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village (CTMHV) full and unencumbered right, title, and interest to the donated items. I absolve the CTMHV from all liabilities resulting from any discrepancies with the title. I transfer and assign to the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village all intellectual rights, including copyright and trademark, for all donated items, to the extent to which I own these rights. The donated items will be administered in accordance with the established collections management policies. The Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village will have full discretion as to the storage, use, loan, disposal, display (including online), and reproduction (in all forms of media) of, and access to, the donated items according to the policies and procedures of the CTMHV, subject only to agreed-upon restrictions.

    *Do you have any restrictions?

    If yes, please state which restrictions (Any restrictions must be agreeable to both the donor and CTMHV):

    *Description of the donated items (attach an additional list if necessary):

    *Ownership History (How did you acquire the items):

    *How does this donation relate to the Canadian Transportation Museum?:

    *Interesting stories or facts about the item:

    *Credit Line

    In the event that the Donor does not return the signed Deed of Gift, the Curator will make all reasonable effort to secure the Donor's signature. If after 90 days, the Donor has not signed and returned the Deed of Gift and has not notified the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village in writing that he/she does not wish to transfer title to the Museum, the items shall be deemed an unrestricted gift. Only in the event that the curator has signed and accepted the donation.

    Personal information collected on this form is used for the purposes of museum contact with the donor, processing the donation, collection management, and statistical reporting.