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Why Support the CTMHV

To preserve the past of Canada south for the education and interpretation of present and future generations.
By collecting, restoring, maintaining, and displaying modes of transportation in the Canadian Transportation Museum & exhibiting early ways of living, in Heritage Village, The Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village will provide access to an interpretive transportation museum and a pioneer village for visitors from local, provincial, federal and international communities to learn and experience the ways of early living and simpler times in Canada South. Our mission will continue to be on-going so long as there are pieces of Canada South’s history to protect.
Guiding Principles
  1. Trust and respect one another.
  2. Generate results.
  3. Learn from success and failure.
  4. Have a sense of urgency.
  5. Open, honest and candid dialogue is a way of life.
  6. Visitors always come first.
  7. Quality permeates all that we do.
  8. Growth and success are top priorities.
  • Accessible programming and facilities
  • Solid Historical Foundation
  • Community Focused
  • Accountable and Transport
  • Effective Leadership

Become A Member

Become involved at the CTMHV and have your voice be heard! Members of the HVSO have voting rights in elections. Members are also given free admission to events (without meals) like craft markets, car shows, gun shows, etc. as well as free admission to the Museum & Heritage Village!

*Applicant must serve 40 hours of voluntary work per calendar year at the museum or village.
**Applicant must pay annual dues on January 1st of each year: $35.00 Dues + 5.00 Flower Fund = $40.00

Become a Volunteer

Join our team of volunteers! We accept students, seniors, and everything in between. Here, you have the ability to do what it is you are most passionate about. Be a reenactor for one of our grade school field trips. Join an event committee and help make our events spectacular. Help with vehicle maintenance. Become a tour guide. There are endless possibilities when volunteering with us.

Donate An Artifact

Have you ever wanted to Donate an artifact, consider the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.

Make a Donation

Donations are never expected, but are a way to contribute to our organization and help keep us running.

Donate to us via e-transfer to or

E-transfer donations can be sent to
Donations over $20 given through e-transfer or PayPal are eligible for tax receipts. Email to request one, or add a comment when donating.